In New Orleans, we know that extreme weather has and will impact our lives. While hurricane season is the most predictable time for storms, we should be ready for unexpected disasters year round. Collected here are some of the many resources available to residents through mutual aid groups, non-profits, and government agencies. For a full list of community resources, visit Imagine Water Works.

A list of what you can do to prepare at the start of hurricane season and when a storm is coming, courtesy of Imagine Water Works. Click here for their full list and additional resources.


If a mandatory evacuation is announced, New Orleans will provide free transportation out of the city. Pick up is at the Smoothie King Center or one of 17 “Evacuspots.” Visit NOLA Ready for a full map and further information on city-assisted evacuations.


Several local restaurants and churches are equipped with solar panels so they can maintain power in the event of an outage. These hubs will be open to the community to provide resources like food, charging stations, air-conditioning, and more. So far they include:

Several local mutual aid organizations are ready to mobilize before and after disasters, and often use social media to offer resources and receive requests. Check out and follow: