August 24, 2018

Family Advocacy in the Juvenile Courts

Ubuntu’s 2018 report, Families Fighting for Youth Justice, demonstrated the several ongoing issues in the juvenile courts: lack of communication, lack of respect for families, and lack of meaningful rehabilitative programming. Ubuntu has long provided one-on-one advocacy and support for families navigating the court process.
Now we are advocating for a full-time Parent Navigator program to orient parents, facilitate communication between parents and other stakeholders, and provide one-on-one support for all families who request it. Our parent navigators would be parents who have traversed the system themselves, trained by Ubuntu to be peer educators. 
This program will be a national model for parent participation! In addition, it will:
  • Empower parents to successfully advocate for their children and participate in their children’s plan
  • Expedite the court docket to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Create trust between the community and the courts
  • Give parents job skills that will allow them to compete for positions that involve public speaking and facilitation