September 30, 2016

Economic Justice


Economic sustainability is key for the success and well-being of our families & communities. The path to sustainability comes through struggles for justice.

This means: access to jobs, a living wage, long-term employment, career development, ongoing education and training, community and governmental support, affordable child care, fighting against barriers to employment, disability services, and redirecting money and resources back toward those who need them most.

Our Work:

At Ubuntu, we work with individuals and families to help them plan a path to economic sustainability. This involves:

  • Referrals to job training programs
  • Fostering a skill or entrepreneurial talent
  • Expungements
  • Career exploration workshops
  • Internships in fields of interest
  • One-on-one job mentorship
  • Employment directly through Ubuntu

I am because we are. The money that Ubuntu raises will go back to the community through employing young people, formerly incarcerated people, and people of color. Together, we can fight back against economic scarcity and oppression!

Ubuntu employs young people as liaisons to the Independent Police Monitor, mentors, and tutors. We hope to expand to fund young people as landscapers, community leaders, and guides in juvenile court.
Together we can create economic solutions that work for everyone.