September 21, 2016

Conflict Resolution


Conflict is inevitable and present throughout all facets of life. The way in which a young person handles conflict can have grave and life changing consequences.

If we assist young people in exploring root causes of conflict and strategies to address it,

Then they can identify stressors that lead to unhealthy conduct, craft principled tactics that assist them in dealing with conflict and execute positive behaviors and reinforcements that support those behaviors,

Because youth and young adults who are equipped with tools that encourage alternatives to violence can make informed decisions when confronted with conflict, reducing their susceptibility to recidivism and other forms of individual and group violence.

Our Work:

We provide the following services to youth (and impacted adults in their lives):

  •         Workshops on conflict resolution, restorative and healing justice
  •         Access to programs that work to transform conflict through arts and other enrichment activities
  •         A practical plan of action for dealing with individual and group conflict
  •         Referral services
  •         Mentorship