August 1, 2022

Alternatives to Jail

We all need the support of our families and communities, especially when we’re struggling. But throwing someone in jail – even for a few days – can cause people to lose their jobs, homes, access to education, and even their families. Black and brown people face the brunt of these consequences because police, prosecutors, and judges disproportionately arrest and imprison people of color, especially youth and those living in poverty.

In collaboration with our partners, Ubuntu is launching a pilot program to help people quickly and safely resume their lives in the community by expanding, rather than destroying, their support systems. Integration Navigation Services to End Arrests and Detention (INSTEAD) will identify children and adults who are willing and appropriate candidates for the program shortly after an arrest. Program staff will assess their needs, tailor a case plan, and help them access needed services.  For those who would otherwise face charges, staff will recommend alternatives to incarceration and prosecution, including restorative justice. 

INSTEAD reduces harm now by keeping people out of jail and prevents future harm by setting them up for success in their homes and communities. For more information, please email or call (504) 247-8462.